Restricted list
Chemical substances whose use shall be limited within the Atlas Copco Group

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Atlas Copco Declarable list


The Declarable list provides information about substances that should be limited in use. In addition any use of listed substances in items delivered by or to Atlas Copco must be declared. The duty to declare content of a substance in the list refers to concentrations exceeding 0.1 percent by mass of any individual article assembled in any product delieverd to Atlas Copco.

A substance can be prohibited and declarable depending on the application of use. Substances that will soon be included in Atlas Copco Prohibited list are listed in Phase-out list in Annex B. Clarifications of the legal references are given in Annex C.

Each entry can cover a single substance or a group of substances; in that case indicated by the word "several".     


Conflict minerals: 

Upon request, suppliers must disclose the presence of conflict minerals and due-diligence progress, according to Atlas Copco standards and report the results with reasonable certainty.  

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