Prohibited list
Chemical substances not to be used within the Atlas Copco Group

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Atlas Copco Prohibited list provides information of substances not to be used in any articles delivered to Atlas Copco. Regardless if the scope of the legal reference is limited to a product type or a region Atlas Copco has decided that all listed substances are prohibited in all products deliverd to and sold by the group unless else is clearly exempted in the list.  

If national rules are more restrictive in the individual case such national rules must be followed.  

A prohibition may cover a single substance, a family or a group of substances. In the list the word "several" indictaes that there are more substances that are prohibited within the entry.  

Where threshold values are given, the use of the substance above the threshold limit is prohibited. Substances that will soon be included in Atlas Copco Prohibited lits are listed in Focus list in Annex B. Clarification of the legal references are given in Annex C.   

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